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Wei Sam Soo, PhD MMus BMus (Hons) LRSM LTCL Cert PTC

Wei Sam Soo is a London-based pianist and piano teacher. She completed her MMus in Performance at Trinity Conservatoire of Music and Dance and BMus (Hons) at King's College London. She started working with children with special needs and became interested in pedagogical work and approaches in teaching children with autism spectrum and learning difficulties. She pursued this line of enquiry and has since completed her PhD on developing and testing new strategies using the piano to promote engagement and musical development of children with autism and learning difficulties under supervision of Professor Adam Ockelford at University of Roehampton.

She is currently actively involved in working with music organisations in promoting music education among children with autism and other learning difficulties, giving seminar and consultation to teachers who are interested in working with children with special needs. She is also continuing her research as a postdoc in refining and developing new strategies for children with autism. Recent work includes teaching piano to blind and children with autism and other children with learning difficulties such as Down syndrome and ADHD.  

Wei Sam is very keen and passionate in delivering piano, musicianship and theory lessons. She has been engaged in teaching for the past 15 years and is very experienced in dealing with pupils across all age range and abilities. She believes music session should be fun and creative. Each lesson will be tailored to student's personality and goal. All of her students have obtained 100% pass rate and some have been accepted into prestigious specialist music schools across the country. She is keen in continuing to inspire young musicians and help them to embark on their musical journey. 

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